Bingham Falls, a Stowe Classic

Bingham Falls is one of Stowe’s most famous & popular swimming holes and is not to be missed.    Its location at the foot of Mansfield provides crisp waters in an amazing natural environment.   

Head up the Mountain Rd. towards the Mountain Resort, passing by the Toll House.   Before arriving at the Mountain Lodge & Mansfield lots you’ll see parking on both sides of the road.

Follow the obvious trailhead down from the road, and you’ll begin to head down beautifully crafted steps.

There’s two basic zones, the main pool and the lower rock section.

In the upper pool you’ll find the famous Falls as well as opportunities for swimming.

bing 1

In the lower area, you’ll find rocks that are perfect for sunning and smaller pools safer for children.

We recommend going on a weekday or even earlier in summer.  On hot days in early August Bingham’s can really get jamming.

While Bingham’s does draw the crowds, the Falls are a sight to behold.

bing rocks

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