Terrill Gorge, Another World

Mostly referred to as Cadys Falls, this swimming hole is secluded away from the actual falls of the Lamoille River.   Terrill Gorge has something for everyone and is a favorite here at Stowe Local.

You’ll find the parking along Stagecoach Rd. north of Cady’s Falls Nursery and south of it’s terminus.

Once you’ve parked take the obvious trailhead and follow the trail down the river.   Then you can follow the river South.

TG Approach

Some folks with small children will use where you first come to the shallow river as a beach.

If you follow the river south you’ll come to larger boulders and an ever increasing chasm.  Just past these boulders is the main swimming pool.

TG Kids

A deep pool with great swimming this is a great locale for the hottest of days.   Sometimes there can be a huge difference in the temps in the sun and shade.

For a more adventurous day, you can continue up the gorge to check out the whirlpools up stream.  Sometimes you might find some folks in a ‘more natural state’ in the upper gorge.

For more information on swimming holes, check out the wonderful resource SwimmingHoles.org


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