Foster’s Place, for your Quick Fix

Conveniently located with a great swimming pool, Foster’s is great introduction to Vermont swimming holes or just for an after work dip.

Head up the Mountain Rd., wait for it, towards the Mountain.   As the Matterhorn Bar approaches keep an eye out for Notchbrook Rd. on your right just after Foster’s Place.  The Notchbrook Store is on the corner.

Once on Notchbrook, look for the pull off on the left side of the road (heading up the hill).   You just head down the steps and you’ll find the swimming pool.

LaunchYou’ll find a ramped pool with a shallow end on the left.  Then there’s a spot to jump in on the right.

One of our favorite pastimes is to find some sun while on the rocks upstream.

…and that’s all there is to it!  As mentioned above one of Foster’s enduring features is it’s simplicity and convenience.

Finally, go get a beer at the Matterhorn.


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