Fun at Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

You may be thinking that the Vermont Teddy Bear factory is just a place to sell tourists yet another teddy bear, but for Vermont families, the tour can offer a lot more.

All sorts of Bears, even a gift for Mom!

First, it is an easy one hour drive from Stowe through the rolling countryside. On the ride you will see the spring flowering trees in bloom and the new farm animal babies frolicking in the fields.

When you get to the Factory in the outskirts of Shelburne, VT, one of the first things you will notice are the picnic tables outside. They are great for bringing your own lunch or purchasing a snack inside to enjoy in the fresh air.

Inside, you get to watch as the teddy bears are made, from lay out to sewing and stuffing.  Much of this process is done by hand, so the steps are very interesting to watch.

Just remember that production only occurs Mondays through Fridays until 4:30 PM, and breaks for lunch from 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm. Vermont Teddy Bear recommends that you plan 1 hour and 15 minutes for your visit.


But the thing that most impressed our family when we visited was the Teddy Bear Hospital. We were concerned that when we visited, our granddaughter would cajole us into buying her a Teddy Bear, and the teddy bears are pricy, we admit.  When we learned that Vermont Teddy Bear offers a lifetime guarantee on their bears, we realized that it was a pretty good value.

During the tour, you see the Vermont Teddy Bear Hospital and they show you some of the bears they are repairing. And, if the bear is beyond repair, they will replace it.

If you already have an oversupply of Vermont Teddy Bears, you can purchase many different outfits for the bears you own, or even smaller items in the shop.

We had a fun day there with our 5 ½ year old granddaughter and her Vermont Teddy Bear is still a favorite friend.

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