Haselton, through the heart of Mansfield

The Haselton hiking trail ascends through the heart of Stowe Mountain Resort finishing with the top of the Nosedive ski trail… and once you arrive beneath the Nose of Mansfield, you have the whole mountain at your disposal.

Park at the base of the Gondola for best access.  Find your way around the back left of the Midway Base Lodge at the Gondola and work your way up to where they store many of the obstacles for the freestyle parks in Winter.


The 1.6 mile trail starts with a meandering walk through the woods.  Much of this is high on a ridgeline looking over the forest.   The Haselton makes it’s way up towards the Cliff Trail ski trail.

After making your way up through the Nosedive Glades, the trail opens up onto the wider space of the Nosedive ski trail.

Ascending the Nose Dive ski trail places you beneath the Nose (peak with TV towers), and behind the Stone Hut and Octagon Lodge.

Some additional ways to expand on the hike include:

  • Head up the Toll Road and take a quick scramble on the challenging Amherst Trail & Cliff Trail (Hiking Trail)
  • Head up the Toll Road and take the Long Trail to Taft Lodge and then back down to Rt. 108.
  • Head up the Toll Road and take the Long Trail to the HellBrook Trail and then back down to Rt. 108.
  • Pick one of your favorite ski trails and hike down.


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