All the Beer you can Drink!

Well, kind of.  Did we get your attention?   More and more, the greater Waterbury & Stowe area are establishing themselves as a destination for Beer Lovers.

There’s almost too many great breweries to mention them all… so a good place to start is a Beer Tour.    They’re also great as they include a Designated Driver.

Umiak, also known for their Kayak Tours & Sales, offers two options to show you the great Breweries of the area.   Check out their site for more info!

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Four Points also offers Beer Tours throughout the local area and up to  Hill Farmstead.      They have a basic package that let’s you select 3 breweries, or you can also pair their Mountain Bike instruction  with some breweries.   Check out their site for more info.   

You can also stop in at great spots like Stowe Cider &  Boyden Valley Winery if you are interested in more than Beer!   Smugglers Notch Distillery & Green Mountain Distillers are some ‘harder’ options.     Click the links for more info.

Craft Beer Cellar in Waterbury  and Stowe Beverage are the places to hunt down those rare Vermont beers.    Stowe receives their Heady Topper deliveries on Mondays, and Waterbury receives their deliveries on Wednesday.

Also keep an eye out for the Alchemist Brewery which landed in Stowe this summer.   Von Trapp Brewing opens their Bierhalle in August 2016.


Instead of committing to a beer tour, maybe you’re looking to just find a place to camp out and savor a variety of the beers that have made our area a destination for great hops.

Idletyme Brewing Co. features their own brews, but they also spend much of the summer maintaining their on site garden which supports their menu. Idletyme operates under the same management as Michael’s on the Hill.

The Bench in Stowe & the Reservoir in Waterbury both feature extensive beer lists with local and regional favorites.   Both are very family friendly, and the Reservoir is also a great place to catch the game while enjoying that great selection of beers.    10849802_1513099485615567_1080230476519234332_n

Prohibition Pig in Waterbury has expanded upon the Alchemist’s former location with their new Brewery space.   Featuring barbecue favorites to pair with their own crafted libations.

Doc Ponds is another recent addition, from the folks behind Hen of the Wood.   Lighter fare and local drinks are the name of the game here.


There’s now so many ways to embrace the revolution of good beer there almost no way to cover it all, but hopefully you’ve found this a great launch point into what the area has to offer.

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