Summer on the Mountain

In 2015, USA Today ranked Stowe Mountain Resort #2 overall on their world-wide list of “10 Best Off-season Ski Resorts For Summer Adventure.” The Mountain Company has not rested on their laurels and is constantly refreshing the experience at the mountain in the summer.   

Stowe’s new summer attractions include an exhilarating ZipTour down Vermont’s Highest Peak and a TreeTop Adventure Course at the base of Mt. Mansfield.

Stowe’s TreeTop Adventure also opened last Summer and entails 6 different courses consisting of aerial tree-to-tree connections with 68 various Challenge/Game elements intertwined in the experience. You will learn how to attach yourself to the safety cable system so that you may explore the diverse and exciting challenges in the canopy of the Mansfield forest. The activity is ideal for most ages. Please call the Mountain Company at 802-253-3420 to book your TreeTop Adventure or for more information

The brand-new ZipTour Adventure is also now open! Consisting of three spans totaling more than 10,000 feet in length, reaching heights of 130 feet off the ground and speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, the ZipTour Adventure offers breathtaking vistas and pulse-pounding adrenaline all in one exciting ride. Reservations are required. Please give them a call at 802-253-3420 to book your ZipTour Adventure or for more information!

Been itching to try it?  Stowe also offers a discount for pass-holders, as well as residents of Washington or Lamoille County… we’re going to call it the Stowe Local discount   -lol  Click here for more info !

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