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Diversions & Excursions

Let’s agree that Stowe is on the East Coast.   Let’s agree that East Coast Skiing & Snowboarding sometimes comes with it’s challenges.   Sometimes it’s darn cold.   Sometimes the precipitation isn’t frozen.   Sometimes the legs just need a break… or maybe Winter Sports aren’t your cup of tea, but you’ve come along as a good sport.

While Stowe is famous for the trails cut by the CCC on Mansfield, there is so much more to our community.

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Free Cone Day

Free Cone Day is our favorite way to show it! This year’s extravaganza will be taking place on TUESDAY, APRIL 12, so be sure to mark your calendars, grab your friends and get ready to visit the nearest Scoop Shop.

This is sure to be their best Free Cone Day yet. There’ll be ice cream and smiles, and hopefully you’ll be there, too!