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Diversions & Excursions

Let’s agree that Stowe is on the East Coast.   Let’s agree that East Coast Skiing & Snowboarding sometimes comes with it’s challenges.   Sometimes it’s darn cold.   Sometimes the precipitation isn’t frozen.   Sometimes the legs just need a break… or maybe Winter Sports aren’t your cup of tea, but you’ve come along as a good sport.

While Stowe is famous for the trails cut by the CCC on Mansfield, there is so much more to our community.

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Hill Farmstead Beermageddon Saturday Returns

May 23rd their Anniversary “tap takeover” of Waterbury is back for another year of amazing brews, and we now know what is being served.  [list below]

Hill Farmstead introduced the event while construction was happening at their facilities last year… well, the response was positive and the event returns to the Reservoir, Black Back, & Prohibition Pig Waterbury.

Last year Alchemist and Lawson’s chimed in with their own special offerings… I’ll admit we mostly drank Lost Nation beers that day… We look forward to seeing what’s to come!

The line is already headed down the hill! #hillanniversary

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