A Jaunt from Nebraska

Nebraska Valley that is.   One of Stowe Local’s favorite hikes in Summer and Fall is up to Taylor Lodge.   An easy hike for all abilities, it will take you from the serene Lake Mansfield Trout Club up to the expansive views from Taylor Lodge.

Stowe has a plethora of hiking options to choose from.   A great starting place is the hike from the Trout Club up to Taylor Lodge.

Head out Nebraska Valley road to the Lake Mansfield Trout Club.  Park in the marked public lot.  (link to Google Map)


From there, follow the trail signs from parking lot past the right side of the Lodge.   The trail meanders through the woods uphill from the lodge and comes down to views out across the lake.

As you progress on the 1.6 mile trail the modest elevations of the early trail give way to rock steps and the trail making more notable gains up past creeks, waterfalls, & beaver ponds.


After you see the beaver pond on your right you’re nearly to Taylor Lodge.   The trail heads up to the left away from the pond and after a few turns you’ve made it.


The view from the Lodge is pretty good, but a short walk will provide additional sight lines from Peter’s Perch (East of the Lodge)

Some additional ways to expand on the hike include:

The beauty of these hikes is that it’s up to you how far you go.   At any point you can turn around.   We encourage you to reach Taylor Lodge for a great view.

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