The Home of Nordic Skiing

In 1968,  Johannes von Trapp oversaw the opening of the Cross Country Ski Center at Trapp Family Lodge, the first of its kind in the U.S. and considered the foremost cross country ski touring center in America today, but the great Nordic Skiing doesn’t end with Trapp’s groomed trails.   

In addition to the trails at Trapps, there are more groomed trails in the Ranch Valley maintained by Stowe Mountain Resort, as well as endless backcountry adventures on the Catamount Trail and beyond!

Trapp Family Lodge

The Trapp Family Lodge property is a magnificent 2,500 acre resort managed by the family that inspired The Sound of Music.  It’s home to the first cross-country ski center in the country, as well as the largest ski center in Stowe.

They have 37 miles of groomed trails and 62 miles of backcountry trails suitable for cross-country skiers of all ages and abilities. You can pick up all your equipment at Trapp’s Nordic Center, which includes a retail shop.

A popular excursion is to make the exhilarating trip to Slayton Pasture Cabin where you can warm up on the hearth of a roaring fireplace and replenish your energy with homemade soup, sandwiches, and hot chocolate.

Stowe Mountain Resort

Stowe Mountain Resort’s Cross Country Ski Center offers 45 km of groomed trails and 30 km of backcountry terrain. They can set you up with whatever you need in nordic snowsport gear including snowshoes, touring gear, performance skate ski and classic ski packages, backcountry and telemark gear.

Edson Hill Manor

The Edson Hill trails ramble over meadow, up a ridge, and through the silent, undisturbed forest. All of the trails are classically tracked except the upper sections. Additionally, Edson Hill’s trails are networked with the Vermont Catamount Trail system.  Edson Hill accesses Section 23 of the Trail, arguably some of the most beautiful miles on the Trail.

The Catamount Trail

Stowe is home to a few sections of the Catamount Trail if you are looking for more of a Backcountry experience.   The Catamount Trail is a public-access ski trail that spans the entire length of Vermont. The Catamount Trail and its network is a unique resource for public recreation and conservation across Vermont.

Remember: Backcountry adventures reward the prepared in skill, as well as clothing & equipment.   Expect the unexpected.


The Rec Path

The idea for the Stowe Recreation Path had its genesis way back in 1964, but it wasn’t until 1981 that the internationally-acclaimed Stowe Recreation Path finally made its debut. The Recreation Path began originally as a 2.7 mile path meandering along the West Branch River and expanded to 5.3 miles long in 1989. The Stowe Recreation Path is free for use by all and remains a perennial favorite.

People of all ages enjoy spectacular views and a mostly flat & level path experience, allowing easy traveling along the entire length of the path.  Many area restaurants and shops can also be accessed from the path. The Rec Path features attractive bridges, convenient parking in various spots, as well as many quiet spots to take in the beautiful views of Stowe and area mountains.


Stowe truly is home to Nordic Skiing in the East and is only waiting for your sense of adventure!

Ready to test your skills against the rest of town?  Learn more about the Stowe Derby!

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